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Relief Update

Disaster Relief Volunteers,

Please continue to pray for those impacted by recent storms and floods.

We continue to monitor damage in Kansas, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas and will send out emails and updates on our web site.

In Kansas, several tornadoes have touched down, but at this time the damage has been able to be handled by the surrounding areas.

We sent a small executive team to Oklahoma to meet with churches, conference officials, and disaster relief coordinators. The team shared that we have been requested to send teams and support.

As such, we have posted 2 trips on the web site:

June 12 – June 16
June 26 – June 30

Space is limited on each team.  Cost is estimated at $50 per person for lodging and insurance.  Food and gas will be additional expenditures.

The team is expected to travel Wednesday afternoon/evening, work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and return home Sunday. The exact details and times are still being coordinated. We appreciate your flexibility.  At this time – it appears that there is a need for trained skid loader operators, and we are working to make sure that we have an “experienced” operator on each trip.

All participants participating in any overnight trip, including these trips must have completed the Safe Gatherings Certification. Click here for details and registration.

In order to participate in a trip early in the disaster, you must have completed Church of the Resurrection training for one of the following:

Skid Loader

At this time, the work varies, so if signing up for these trips, please be prepared to perform any type of work requested.  Minimum age is 18-years old.

It appears that there is a need for trained skid loader operators, and we are working to make sure that we have an “experienced” operator on each trip.  Please indicate experience if you sign up for the trips.

We have also posted an additional Early Response Team (ERT) training class to be held the evenings of June 11 and 12. Please register for this training on the Disaster Response page.

We collected a special donation during worship services last weekend that will be used to support those impacted by these storms. Our satellite campuses have been collecting materials to support health kits.

Thank you for your continued support and willingness to serve.

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Joplin Thank You Note

Recently we received a thank you note from a survivor in Joplin that some of our teams recently worked with:

Hello!  My name is Ashly G.   I am sorry this is coming a lot later than expected.  I wanted to take time and write you, to tell you how much my family and I appreciated your (Resurrection) generous donation of $10,000.  This process of rebuilding has been an amazing blessing to us with having amazing people (such as you and your church) be able to help us in our time of need.  We will be forever grateful.  We have been able to come a LONG way with your donation.  We hope to be in our home before the 1st of june.  I would love to send you pictures of before/after of our home that you are now such a big part of.  There are not enough words to express my gatitude.  Thank you for being such a great God-giving church.  There are amazing Christian people out there and you are by far one of those amazing people!

God Bless, Ashly

So a BIG thank you to all of you who donated funds for tornado disaster response AND for those of you that have helped clear debris and those that have helped rebuild.  You are such a blessing!

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Construction 101

Did you know the Reach & Restore Ministry offers a Construction 101 class?  This is to teach those interested in rebuilding in disaster hit communities the basics on sheetrocking, electrical wiring, framing, etc.  On April 27th, Construction 101 took place at My Father’s House.  Thank you to MFH for welcoming our trainees and allowing us to share your space!

Sheetrocking 101

It was a chilly morning, but everyone had a great time learning and having hands-on experience.

Wiring 101

A BIG thank you to all of our trainers who volunteered their time and shared their expertise!

Measure twice, cut once.

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Hurricane Isaac update – Stay…Pay…Pray

Resurrection has been in contact with disaster relief coordinators regarding Hurricane Isaac, and has let them know we are available to assist when they are ready for our help. It is important to remember that it will take time to coordinate efforts and evaluate the appropriate response to best meet the needs in the communities effected by this disaster. At this time we need to let the Fire, Police and Medical crews currently in place do their jobs. Please do NOT show up at any disaster site without an invitation.

Ways to help

Monetary donations are the best way to ensure that your gift is helpful to the community and individuals in need, and is valuable in ensuring that immediate needs can be met. You can donate online by clicking the appropriate button on the right side of the Isaac Storm Response page . Resurrection Missions will be matching all of these online donations up to a total match of $10,000.

Volunteer to help when these communities and KS East Conference have invited Resurrection to participate in relief efforts. Click here to indicate your interest and availability to volunteer.

Clothing and supply drives are not recommended as they create additional costs for transportation and take attention away from first responders to coordinate delivery and manage storage resources to house the donations.

Visit the Disaster Response page to view trainings offered and trips scheduled to assist communities recovering from disasters. Once there, Domino QQ click a date link listed on the right side of the page for event specific details.

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2012 June Team

June 23, 2012 – Saturday COR “Reach and Restore” Day trip to Reading, KS

The original trip was scheduled to occur the week prior but had to be cancelled because the work options were to either paint new walls inside, or do deck/ramp work outside, and as of the night before, the sheet rock inside was not complete enough to paint, and rains made it too muddy to work outside.  So 5 of the 9 people were able to reschedule and go the following week.

Reading, KS…a beautiful town and wonderful people on the west side of Melvern Lake. Ken, Mark, and Layne arrived about 8:30am, met with Steve at the Habitat house, and immediately moved a couple houses west to Chris and Shawna’s house.  The south side of their house had been destroyed by the tornado (two rooms), and Chris is working mostly on his own to get it closed in.  It will be there new master bedroom.  We spent the morning tying in the rafters to make a beautiful vaulted ceiling and strengthening the existing walls.  Dan Neill (consultant seo) and Steve worked with us in the afternoon leveling the south side wall, framing in the gable, and putting up the particle board.  Rosemary and John arrived shortly after us and worked with a group of seven from a Lawrence Methodist church at the Habitat house.  Sheetrock was finished earlier in the week so all day was spent priming and painting the inside.  The homeowner and his son were there working also.  Lunch was provided by The Miracle Diner in town which was very appreciative.  Priming was finished and two bedrooms were completed (master in a light brown) and son’s room (red and blue).  Steve originally thought they’d move in around July 4, but now thinks it will be just shortly after.  Carpet will be ready to lay down within a week. Chris and Shawna opened their house up for showers before the town BBQ at 5:30pm in the city park.  We sat outside in the shade and enjoyed watching their 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter play around in the yard.  Overcast in the morning, it got hot in the afternoon, but plenty of shade and a terrific breeze!  We attended the BBQ dinner until almost 7:00pm then headed back to COR, arrived shortly after 8:15pm. A wonderful day was had by all– Layne

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2012 July Team

July 14, 2012 – Saturday COR “Reach and Restore” tornado response day trip to Reading, KS

July 2012 day group

All smiles and ready for early morning departure!

Energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to serve — what a fitting description for the eleven men and women getting up early on a Saturday morning to travel to Reading, KS. This “Church of The Resurrection” volunteer group (like groups before them and groups to come) was anxious to spend the day making a difference. An approximately 90 minute car pool trip put us in Reading by 8:30 a.m. and work assignments were made and work started by 9:00. Steve Burnett, Kansas Coordinator for Reading emergency volunteer service providers, and Carl (Carl was over-all coordinator for our COR group — he and three others made up the Thursday through Saturday team already in Reading) met with us for the day’s work schedule and a beginning prayer. Five of our group joined the 3-day folks and worked on framing and roughing-in a garage and room at a young family’s home that had lost part of their house to the May 21, 2011, storm. The other six of us took on a wheelchair ramp project for an older family now living in a mobile home.  Dry weather and temps in the triple digit mark required wise workplace precautions and plenty of liquids. Peter was our day-group leader and made sure we watched out for each other. Lunch break was welcomed, not only for the bathrooms and shade but also for the tasty local-villager-provided meal at the city park picnic shelter. They expressed how appreciative they are of volunteers who have been there and who continue to come and help.


We then spent a few minutes at the United Methodist Church basement for additional cooling and a quick look at the maps showing Reading before the storm and after. Serving God through serving others and making lives better is our primary purpose for these kinds of work trips. However, this comment from a team member makes clear that found, too, are camaraderie and new friendships: “. . . in my experience, I have never had a group turn into a team of friends as quickly in my life. Everyone contributed; everyone communicated; everyone listened to each other; and everyone made great suggestions that made the project go well. At the end of the day, we had the basis of a usable ramp. Peter did a great job of leading without bossing, and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun. I would go with this group again anytime. Peace, Rich” The day ended around 7:00 p.m. when the last of our group arrived home.  It was a day that left us tired but feeling like we had spent it well.

Near complete ramp

Nearing completion

The following links will take you to pictures and more comments. Blessings everyone!

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Joplin Trip — May 18-20

Front row: Michelle, Michelle, Kelsey, Christina. Back Row: Jason, John, Maddie, Elizabeth, Larry.

As our team arrived in Joplin, the city was marking the one-year anniversary of the tornado in a variety of ways. Four of our members participated in the Joplin Memorial Half Marathon and 5K race on Saturday morning and preparations were underway for a visit from President Obama later in the week.

Our three-day team spent the majority of our time at Byers Avenue United Methodist Church, just outside of the main area of devastation.  This facility has housed hundreds of volunteers from across the country every day for the last year and was in need of some care itself.

Our job was to paint the entire multipurpose room/gymnasium so that it can continue supporting teams through the rebuilding process.  We divided out the tasks and were able to paint low, high and higher (thanks to our trusty lift).  It was especially gratifying to both start a project and to see it through to completion.

Previously pink, the gym was painted a calming shade of cream from floor to ceiling.

On our final day we met up with the Saturday team at a house that was in need of some minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint.  While we weren’t able to fully complete this project, we were able to make some good headway for the next team  by prepping and priming the exterior of the house.

The Saturday and three-day teams joined together to prep and paint the exterior of a house.

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Joplin Trip – November 4-5, 2011

We returned to the same home for our final two days in Joplin, where we continued to hang sheet rock. We shared work with volunteers from Lafayette Park United Methodist Church in St. Louis and met other area residents who had traveled to Joplin to volunteer for the weekend. Everyone seemed to find their own niche–from drilling to hanging to dremeling cut-outs for windows and doors. Working together, we were able to experience significant transformations within the home:

View from the master bedroom (before)

View from the master bedroom (after)

While there is still plenty of work left to do in Joplin, we were grateful to serve God and contribute to the rebuilding process. We’d also like to thank the well-organized team of volunteers who have set up camp in Joplin and who shared their spiritual gifts with us this weekend. Joe, an area resident, taught us the art of sheet rocking, while Tim, a Michigan resident who has been volunteering with his wife, Ellie, for more than six weeks in Joplin, oversaw the project and made sure volunteers were being utilized to the fullest.

Back row: Chris, Joe, Karin and Jason. Front row: Maddie, Michelle and Tim.

If you’re interested in serving as part of Resurrection’s disaster response team, visit our website for more information and to learn about upcoming opportunities.

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Joplin Trip – November 3, 2011

Snowy showers left early, making for an easy trip down to Joplin. We met with our team leaders, who took us to the house we will be working on during our stay. The house will be a parsonage for a Baptist pastor, who will be using it as a base of operations in Joplin. When the tornado hit, the men we were working with were in the church next door, which no longer exists.

Our projects today included insulating the home, caulking the windows and doors, and installing sheet rock on the walls and ceilings. It was fun to see how quickly the house was transformed and we’re excited to continue our work tomorrow.

After arriving at Royal Heights United Methodist Church, we enjoyed a delicious feast of pork loin, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad and a spread of desserts, including tasty blueberry fluff, prepared by the hands of wonderful church congregants. Following the dinner, we were able to sit with other mission volunteers and Joplin residents, hearing their stories and gaining a better understanding of how God is building this community in the aftermath of the storm.

We’re looking forward to two more days of cross-denominational domination.

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